At D’Andrea Law Corporation, we firmly believe that a true assessment of an attorney’s success, reliability, ethics and effectiveness is measured by the clients’ testimonials. We have been very blessed to receive positive feedback from some of our clients and are happy to share them with you here.  

Edward Q. from Pasadena, CA:

"If it were not for Attorney Robert D’Andrea, I would not have obtained my green card. He is the most competent, compassionate, honest, and fairest immigration lawyer I have ever met.  Over a year ago, I feared having to leave the United States because my 6-year H1B Visa was about to expire in several months.  A PERM application for Labor Certification on my behalf with my school district did not materialize.  My anxiety led me to consult with several immigration lawyers in the hope that someone would tell me I would be able to petition for a green card through a National Interest Waiver or as an EB-1 Alien of Extraordinary Ability.  All of them made me feel worse. They all discouraged me and I became increasingly pessimistic about my future in the U.S. Then, I met Attorney D’Andrea through a couple of friends who had used his services. While he did not guarantee the success of my case, he explained my options well and asked me to give him time to carefully examine my documents and qualifications so he could determine my options.  A few days later, he contacted me to say that he was feeling positive about my situation and that an immigrant petition for Alien of Extraordinary Ability EB1A might work.  He told me that my case was very difficult and that an EB1A petition was the hardest petition to get approved and is not usually awarded to school teachers. He assured me that he would work extra hard to help me and make sure that the USCIS understood that teachers are also deserving of approval for a EB1A petition so long as they have the appropriate evidence and qualifications. While I was aware that approval of my petitions was highly unlikely, his words motivated me to file an immigrant petition for Alien with Extraordinary Ability. Attorney D’Andrea showed a high level of motivation and zeal in making the point to the USCIS that the EB1A visa is not only for those with the biggest names in the fields of science, technology, medicine, entertainment, business, education, but it is also for school teachers who have made a significant impact in the field of education. Thank you! 

Yang L. from Chicago, IL:

"My name is Yang from Chicago, IL. It is my pleasure to work with Robert K. D'Andrea to my EB1A case. When we began to prepare the EB1A application, we know that it would be better find a lawyer to help us. The ideal lawyer should have great experience in immigration cases, and also take good care of the clients. One of our friends recommended Robert because his EB1A case was approved with the help of Robert. He said Robert is knowledgeable and trustable. So we first sent our material to Robert to get an evaluation. The evaluation was encouraging. Robert told us that our case has a good chance to be approved. He clearly answered our questions and concerns about the application process. He also told us if we get some additional materials ready, it will greatly help our case. Through the communication, we felt that Robert has great experience in immigration, and he is trustable and also easy to communicate. So we decided to let Robert to handle our application. It turns out that it is the best choice we made in our application. The whole process is very efficient and smooth. All the communication is through email, because we are in Chicago. We prepared the materials, and Robert help us with the most important petition letter. From the petition letter, I know Robert really spend time to read and organize all the documents we prepared. The letter is well organized, and matches well to my background and experience. And Robert clearly knows which material is helpful and should be included, and which is not. Our case was filed with premium process, and was approved in 10 days. Right now, we are working with Robert to apply for adjustment of status. We really thank Robert for helping us to get EB1A approved. We also want to thank other persons (like Susu, Aileen) in the corporation for their kindly help."  

Joseph S. from Los Angeles, CA:

"My family have dealt with a lot of immigration lawyers and I can honestly say that Attorney Robert D’Andrea is the best immigration lawyer my family have met and worked with. He successfully helped me get my green card in November 2013 even though this big shot lawyer, seen regularly in The Filipino Channel, told me that my case was impossible. If anyone ask me if I know a good immigration lawyer, I’ll tell them no I don’t but I do know of a great one. I would definitely recommend Atty. Robert D’Andrea to family, friends and acquaintances."

Jed S. from Los Angeles, CA:

"Bob was professional and was really helpful throughout my entire immigration application process. He communicated with me directly and makes himself available to answer questions as much as he can. I felt comfortable having him as my immigration lawyer. Bob can even work with you without having to go into his office. Most of the steps can be done through a combination of e-mails and USPS. I received updates from him periodically and that gave me a peace of mind and it made me feel confident that he will get the job done properly. I am now a green card holder with Bob's help and I just took my first vacation back to the Philippines after 18 years of being undocumented. Thank you D'Andrea Law!"

Tao T. from Columbus, OH

"My wife and I are both scientists from China. We heard about D’Andrea Law through a friend who was also a client there. We became clients with D’Andrea Law for several years now. It started with our H1B, PERM and finally EB1.They helped us all the way until we got our green card through EB1 application. Robert is a very experienced and knowledgeable attorney. My EB1 was a really tough case and I received a 20 pages long RFE from USCIS. At the time, I felt hopeless and was already making plans for the worst situation. When Robert was working on my RFE response, he assessed my case from many different angles and was able to come up with a lot of ideas to strengthen my case. Robert wrote a 35 pages RFE response and my EB1 was finally approved. Robert spent a lot of time evaluating my qualifications and he wrote a very individualized legal brief that really made my achievements stand out. Also, I really appreciated that any time I wanted to speak to him, I was always able to reach him. I know he is busy but he always answered my questions very thoroughly. I can feel that Robert truly cares about his clients. He told me once that he cannot do bad job because the freedom of his clients living in this country is in his hands. It’s hard to find attorneys who care about their clients as much as Robert and I highly recommend him to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer."

Judith R. from 
Los Angeles, CA:

"Atty. Robert D'Andrea had been our lawyer since 2007 up to present. He is not only a reliable , dependable and experienced lawyer but most of all he treated us like his family. He will not let you down when problems occurs, instead he will look for all possibilities to give you hope until you achieve your AMERICAN DREAM. And for that we are so grateful to him. We thank God for blessings family with a loving and trustworthy lawyer."

Sissi Z. from Delray Beach, FL:

"I have been a client at D’Andrea Law since I applied my H1B employment visa. They are very professional and efficient. I recommended them to all my friends. Every one of my friends was very satisfied with their service. Robert is an excellent attorney. My H1B and PERM were both approved very quickly without any RFE. If you are looking for a good immigration service, I believe D’Andrea Law will not let you down."

Haiqin L. from Tallahassee, FL:

When I began to contact Robert last October for my EB1A, I was not very confident with my application. Bob carefully received my materials and confirmed with me that my case is promising. During the preparation stage, Bob found that I also have many other prominent aspects excluding of publication and citations. After 4 months of preparation, Bob said my case looked pretty strong for premium processing. My EB1A was approved in 13 days. Robert is really an experienced and professional attorney for immigration.

Antonio G. from Azusa, CA

"My name is Antonio and I live in Azusa.  I hired this law firm to do my naturalization. I just want to write this testimony to thank Attorney Susu.  She is so nice and so patient with me. She always answers my phone calls. I had bad experiences with some other law firm and the lawyer who did my case never answered my phone calls. I like this law firm and the people, they treat their clients with great service." 

Maria H. from Covina, CA

“I got referred to this law firm by my cousin who also did her case there. They helped me to apply for DACA to get my work authorization. Robert is a great lawyer, he answered my questions very clearly and because of his help I got my DACA approved very fast. I am now doing my DACA renew with this firm. Without their help I would not be able to work legally or get my driver’s license. My life is back on track, I even bought a new car recently. If you want a good immigration lawyer, I recommend Robert!”  

Jennifer P. from Rancho Cucamonga, CA:

My case was very difficult because the evidence me and my husband had was not enough and the government wanted to interview us. I also did not get the interview notice because I moved, when I found out, the interview date was passed. I was so stressed, I did not know what to do because at the time my husband was in jail.  I went on online and found this immigration law office. Attorney Susu helped me on this case. She was able to reschedule a new interview date for me and I went to the interview with her. When my conditional green card was about to expire she took me to info pass to get a new stamp that gave me legal status for several months when my case is pending. Because of that I was able to continue to work. After the interview, the officer asked more evidence to show a real relationship with my husband. Attorney Susu came up with good ideas about all kinds evidence I can show. She spent lots time with me on the phone to go over the documents. After the response was filed, we didn’t hear back from the government for at least 6 months, at the time my extended green card was expiring again, Attorney Susu followed up my case with the government many times.  A few months later we finally heard back and my case was approved. I can’t express how thankful I am for Attorney Susu’s help. Any time I have family or friends with immigration law problem, I will refer them to her!